why to visit Emporios

Emporios lies in the area of southern Chios, best known as Mastichochoria (Mastic Villages). Here is the only place of the world where natural mastiha is produced. Mastiha is used to produce a large number of products, including chewing gum and pharmaceuticals.

The guests can really experience the culture and hospitality of villagers and local people. 

Also through many folklore festivals, which take place during the summer.

Emporios draws travelers’ attention, thanks to the 2 wonderful volcanic beaches Mavra Volia and Foki that are just a breath away from our hotel.

Also for its important archaeological monuments, which reveal the long-standing human activity on this beautiful side of Chios.

Mavra Volia and Foki are covered with totally black pebbles and black sand. This unique sight is emerged from the currently inactive volcano of Psarona. Simply, the first sight of them enchants the visitors.

Emporios – A Greek Resort 

From Our hotel to the harbour
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Emborios a jewel in the south of Chios.

In the South of Chios at Emborios, located 30 km from Chios-town, there is the Mavra Volia beach. Unique in the world; it is not comparable with any other beach.

The black pebbles give a special, unique beauty. The origin is due to a volcano eruption (the inactive Psaronas) hundreds of years ago.

Mavra Volia is also known under the name Mavros Gialos (black coast). The beach is divided into two parts of which the second is known as Foki.

It is a true experience to discover this beach and enjoy the crystal clear water.

Combine a visit to the beach with a visit to one of the nice restaurants where you can enjoy delicious food.

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Finally, I would like to point out the interesting archaeological site a few kilometers away from the center.

Doortje van Lieshout – Emporios