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goats on the road:
chios greece

Nick & Dariece from Goats on the road took a 5 day tour in Chios. They chose Emporios Bay as their accommodation! The following excerpt is from their website:

Chios, Greece is quite possibly the most fascinating island we’ve been to, certainly in Greece. We’ve all heard of the popular tourist spots of Crete, Santorini, Mykonos and Corfu, but what about Chios? With medieval villages, a unique culture, welcoming locals, exquisite beaches (one of the best beaches in Greece that we saw) and traditional food and products, what’s not to love?!

Isn’t this what we as travellers are seeking when we set off to see the world?

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EMPORIoS: A small jewelry
in south chios

Small, beautiful and unique. This is the small seaside town of Emporio, south of Chios! And one thing is for sure: There is a lot more to this village than you might think.

I do not want to give rise to false expectations. Those looking for nightclubs and cocktails bars did not choose correctly. Emporios is the ideal place for those who want to relax from stress and appreciate culture and nature.

Despite the delay, at Emporios Bay Hotel we were welcomed and helped to carry our bags to the apartment. From the outset we felt very kind and helpful to the hotel owners.

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