Elinta Beach

why to visit eLINTA

Elinta beach is located in the western part of the island, near the village of Avgonima. It’s only 25 km away from the town of Chios. The name of the beachcomes from the Greek word “Alios” witch means by the sea. 

This is one of the most beautiful beaches. The large enclosed bay hides a quiet and sheltered haven and a landscape of great beauty. It’s also an historical sight. During the Second World War Elinta was the hideout of the legendary greek submarine “Papanikolis”. Its main characterics are fine white pebbles and sand, and tall pine trees that are spreded all the way down a the sea and dreamy turquoise waters.

Elinta – One of the Most Beauriful Beaches 

From Emporios Bay to Elinta Beach
Elinta Beach in a pic

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