The Chios Mastic Museum – Emporios – Komi

why to visit

The unique history of mastic and the way that marked the history of the island through the centuries, is reflected in the modern Chios Mastic Museum. It is about 25 km distance from the town of Chios and before the village of Pyrgi.

The Chios Mastic Museum intends to highlight the productive history of the cultivation and processing of mastic. The museum building is urrounded by mastic trees and it’s a real architectural jewel in perfect harmony with the natural environment and its surroundings.
The gum is secreted by lentisk mastic, which is drawn with great caution («embroidery»). After 15 days is gathered, it passes various cleaning and screening stages and separated according to size. The possibilities of its use are many especially in confectionery, liquor and cosmetics.

By visiting the museum you will experience the traditional cultivation of mastic, the history and the culture through a multifaceted experience. You will see, touch and smell the mastic. You will understand the architecture, the history and the social organization of Mastihohoria. Finally, you will see the cooperative exploitation and processing of the mastic and the ways in which today it travels around the world.

This is achieved through multimedia, documentary films, models and original machines in operation. Through the outdoor exhibition, the visitor comes into contact with the mastic tree and the natural environment in which it thrives.

Working hours

March 1 – October 15: 10:00 to 18:00
October 16 – February 28: 10:00 to 17:00
Closed: Tuesdays, January 1st, M. Friday (until 24:00), Easter Sunday, May 1 July 22 (local holiday), 15 August, 25-26 December


General admission: € 3
Reduced ticket: € 1.5.

Then you can continue until Emporios village where there lies our hotel Emporios Bay.

The place is well known for its famous beach Mavra Volia with volcanic black pebbles and deep clear waters. Specifically there are three beaches in the series. The first is named Mavra Volia or black glass and the other two are named Foki. At the end of the first beach there is a canteen offering sandwiches, soft-ice cream and coffee. Then you will find a path that leads to the second and third beach with the name Foki.

In the port of Emporios you will find several traditional taverns. It is worth visiting the Prehistoric settlement of Emporios on the outskirts of the hill of Prophet Elias. The view from the temple of Athena on the highest point of the village will amaze you. It is open for visitors daily except Mondays from 8.30 to 15.00.

If you do not like much pebble beach but you are a sand lover, the beach next to the Komi region is a good choice. It is sandy and ideal for games and sunbathing. There free umbrellas, sunbeds, showers and a few traditional taverns and coffee shops.

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From Emporios Bay to Mastic Museum
Emporios Bay
From Emporios Bay to Komi