Giosonas Beach

why to visit Giosonas beach

Giosonas beach is located after the enchanting Nagos beach. The name of the beach (Giosonas) comes from the famous Jason. The myth wants the legendary hero to have passed by this beach with the Argonauts on their way to their quest for the Golden Fleece. 

Smooth pebbles and turquoise waters, wild beauty overlooking the gorge and relaxation are just some of the things offered by this picturesque beach. 

The bays that unfold along are ideal for the isolation lovers to stretch out a towel. Those who have worldly moods can enjoy swimming with a refreshing cocktail in hand from the beautiful beach bar that awaits them in the center of the beach.

Giosonas – A Wild Beauty

From Emporios Bay to giosonas Beach
giosonas beach in a pic

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