Welcome to Chios Island!

Chios is an island ideal for family and single travelers alike, for those who seek history and culture and for those who simply want to experience Greece.

Chios is the island of Homer, luxurious vegetation and mastic gum. The capital of Chios called Chora, lies on the eastern coast, just off the Turkish mainland.


What is worth seeing-Chios Town:

  • Chios castle, built in the 10th century AD, where you can also see the tomb of Kara Ali who was responsible for the massacre of 1822.
  • The Korais Library, one of the biggest in Greece with 95,000 books.
  • The Gallery bequeathed by Filippos Argientis
  • The Kambos area
  • Chios Archaeological Museum
  • The Byzantium Museum
  • The Justinian Centre