why to visit Chios

Welcome to our Island!

Chios is an island ideal for family and single travelers alike, for those who seek history and culture and for those who simply want to experience Greece. It is is the island of Homer, luxurious vegetation and mastic gum. The capital of Chios called Chora, lies on the eastern coast, just off the Turkish mainland.

What is worth seeing – Chios Town:

  • The Koraes Library is Chios central public library. A historic institution whose history goes back to 1792, it is one of the oldest and biggest libraries in Greece.
  • The Folklore Museum and the Art Gallery, both of which are integral parts of the Koraes Library, contain mainly items that belonged to Philip Argenti’s personal collection.
  • The Chios Archaeological Museum.
  • The Byzantium Museum.
  • Take a  walk in the Byzantine Castle through its narrow roads, let them guide you to Giustiniani palace, the Ottoman cemetery at the castle square, the Bairakli Camiin,  the recently restored old Ottoman baths which  really surprise visitors.   Then walk up to the eastern Castle Seawall and enjoy the view of the Aegean and the island’s east coastline. 
  • Aplotaria street, the main commercial street of Chios town, boasting lots of shops and cozy cafes.
  • The Wind mills On the edge of Chios town on the way to Vrontados. Absolutely stunning for a photo stop!
  • Kambos.  One of the most beautiful areas of the island to the south of Chios city, widely known for the impressive mansions with their citrus fruits gardens. The area is protected by the Greek Ministry for Culture, as a historic site and traditional settlement.
  • The Leper Colony dating back to the 14th century. Just a few kilometers north of the modern town of Chios  lies a row of abandoned buildings, which for centuries served as a leper colony. The first one in Greece and one of the first in Europe. Today the deserted leper colony, surrounded by nature, has been a scene of death and catastrophe but also spirituality and worth visiting!

Chios – The Island of Homer, Luxurious vegetation and Mastic Gum!O

From Emporios Bay to Chios Port
From emporios bay to airport

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Chios is the best, Chios is top.

If you do not know where you will spend your next vacation, choose Chios.

I visited at least 25 Greek islands. I know this is only a small part of Greece and that there are many more Greek islands.

Of all the islands I have visited I love Chios the most. I have never seen and found such a variety of nature, beautiful and unique villages and beautiful beaches than in Chios.

All this beauty combined with culture and history make Chios a jewel. Not to mention the friendly and always helpful residents.

The delicious Greek food is also worth mentioning. 

Chios is especially famous worldwide for its mastic.

Also many other products are important, such as the mandarins, the figs, the cherries, the almonds, the cheese Mastello, the tulips (lalades), 100 species of naturally growing orchids, souma (a strong drink) many types of ouzo, liqueurs and delicious wine produced according to old tradition.

And there is so much more.

Hiking trails, mountain trails, bike trails, monasteries, churches and I can mention much more.

If you are looking for a special Greek island, choose Chios.

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A video from Chios