The villages of Pyrgi-Olympoi and Mesta are the best preserved. Pyrgi is an amazing and charming village full local customs and traditions. In Pyrgi the outer walls of the houses are decorated with black and white geometrical shapes. This is a remain of Genoese occupation during the 12th and 13th century. Its narrow roads challenge the satisfaction of exploration.

Mesta is another mastic village which was built like a labyrinth with one entrance and one exit. Mesta was very rich because of the mastic sales and was attacked by pirates from its small harbour (limenas). The village still keeps its old style, the local people are very friendly and it is very famous for producing good wine and a strong alcohol mixture, called “Souma”. There are many beautiful beaches totally pure and almost unknown to the wide public in a distance of 2 or 3 km from Mesta. These are: Trachilia, Avlonia, Apothika

Olympi (Olympoi), is a village found on the way from Pyrgi to Mesta. It is a village which has kept the traditional character. There is little tourist development there but it’s worth a visit because the guest can experience some moments of the genuine old way of living.
Don’t miss…
The Olympoi Cave… a stalactite cave that has been estimated to be approximately 200.000 years old.