Emporios watch-towers

Α Beautiful hike starting from Emporios towards Komi. Focal points the 2 medieval watch-towers of Emporios, the awesome view of the area from above and the little amazing bay called “kleftolimano”

The watchtowers so called “vigles” are circular stone towers constructed on the island’s capes, shores, and hills in order to monitor the sea for pirates

Τhey are within full view of one another in order to communicate easily using fire at night and smoke signals in the day time


Going Uphill Prophet Ilias

From the foot of Prophet Ilias hill to the side of Komi starts A paved path, leading to the top of the hill where there is a small nice chapel. The panoramic view from the top rewards the effort of the climb. We recommend going on this hike early in the morning, so as to have the opportunity to enjoy apart from the panoramic view, the sunrise which paints the waters of the Aegean sea

Easy route with a total length of 1.8 km and 211 m altitude difference

Distance from the hotel to the beginning of the path 2.8 km


Swimming at Avlonia beach

Αvlonia is a wonderful remote beach with crystal clear waters located in a beautiful bay , 3 km away from Emporios. Amazing location for nature lovers!

Access to the beach is either by boat or by a short delightful trail which starts from a side road leading to Vroulidia. The walking distance from the point where you can leave your car and down to the beach is about 15 minutes.


Αrchaeological site of Emporios

Dont miss visiting the archaeological site of Emporios on the slope of Prophet Ilias hill. A magnificent journey which leads through the ruins of the archaic settlement to the ancient temble of Athena. A little uphill but the view to the top is fascinating. And along with the refreshing breeze and the possitive energy of the space around will reward you.

Access to the spot starting our hotel is available by car in a few minutes or via hiking in less than 30 min.

Openning hours 08.30 – 15.00



The village of Armolia in the South of Chios and in a short distance from Emporios, is a village with a long tradition of pottery and once supplied with ceramic goods not only the surrounding islands and the coast of Asia Minor, but almost the rest of Greece.

A kind of art seemingly so simple and primitive, but at the same time the purest, the most sincere and rewarding, which inspires the harmonious collaboration between the human beeing and the nature. The only things needed, is soil and water, love, passion and skill, for the artist to create master pieces.

Today in the remaining workshops someone can see the hospitable artists in the process of their performance, reviving a past which seems so distant. These friendly potters will gladly reveal the secret of their extraordinary art.


Mastic cultivation

In our mastiha field just next to our hotel a local farmer introduces our Guests to the magical world of Mastic, demonstrating all the stages of mastic tree cultivation, Encourage participation, so people learn how to extract mastic from the tree.


Yoga classes

Leave the stress of your world and learn the bliss of yoga. Wisely use your time off this summer to create and deepen your yogic practice.

Maria is a certified Sivananda yoga instructor and will be teaching a 60 minute Hatha yoga class followed by 15 minutes of relaxing meditation. This class will be sure to leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

Classes will take place in the garden by the pool. Please inquire at the front desk for dates and spots.

After the class take time to enjoy your surroundings!


Emporios Bay Hotel